Why Use a Mortgage Broker

By 27th November 2019June 29th, 2020Blogs

The majority of people in the UK who are looking to buy property will need to take out a mortgage. This gives them the funds needed to complete the purchase which they otherwise would not have. If you are currently looking at getting onto the UK housing ladder, you may also be needing to find the right mortgage. Heading directly to your local bank or building society may seem the obvious choice but this is often not the best route. Most UK buyers could instead benefit from speaking to a mortgage broker instead.

But why use a mortgage broker?

Independent advice

They are independent and are not employed by the lenders

Mortgage brokers are a good choice due to the impartial nature of the advice they give. They are independent and are not employed by lenders. This means that you can always be sure of getting advice which is objective and unbiased. For buyers, this means you get total peace of mind when choosing which mortgage to take out.

Expert knowledge

If you have looked into the mortgage sector yourself, you will know that it is a specialist market. Letting a broker help is wise as they will have in-depth knowledge of the mortgage industry. This may not always be the case when you speak to someone at your local bank or building society. Getting mortgage advice from an expert is crucial so you make the right decision and get guidance which can be relied upon.

Access to a wider range of mortgages

The chances are that you could only be given advice around certain mortgages if you head to your bank or building society. This could mean that you miss out on any better deals currently on the market. An independent broker will be able to search all mortgage lenders and all deals to find one you might like. Over time, this could see you find a better deal which could save you money on monthly repayments.

Get in touch today for objective mortgage advice

Based in Preston, we are independent mortgage brokers who offer expert advice to buyers. Our knowledgeable brokers have access to the full range of mortgages and offer honest advice our clients can count on. If you are wondering ‘why use a mortgage broker?’, get in touch today for more details.